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    Each of the ETRO fragrances are made from ingredients of perfumer craftsmen.

    In this wide and electric repertoire, each perfume has its own unmistakable character and personality to express every mood of the day. They are olfactory recipes that come from a unique family, aromas that evoke a recognized history: also in the world of fragrances.

    They want to cover with the maxim that "there is only one perfume to which it is always faithful."

    A perfume for each occasion does not seem enough either. The idea of ​​transformation becomes an amazing game that includes the relative aspect of the choice. Personal gratification through exclusive recipes.

    We suggest how to invent an exclusive perfume that will allow you to use a fragrance that is consistent with the moment we live


    All ETRO perfumes are ideal to complement each other in an original and unique way. You will be surprised by the effect that occurs when you spray your skin with more than one of them. In addition, the natural essences that make up ETRO PERFUMES change in the skin and this allows them to start from a very personal basis.


    With discretion: Patchouly + Heliotrope
    Intense: Patchouly + Shaal Nur
    Slightly: Etra + Shaal Nur

    To stimulate your physical and psychic energy: Palais Jamais + Lemon Sorbet
    To introduce you to a mysterious dimension: Palais Jamais + Patchouly
    To feel calm: New Tradition + Shantung
    To feel calm and strength: Greene Street + Pegasus
    If you are in love

    And romantic: Vicolo Fiori + Marketry
    And you want to intensify the feeling: Shaal Nur + Heliotrope
    And you feel ambushed: Etra + Palais Jamais
    And you feel on a cloud: Dianthus + Vicolo Fiori
    And you feel sexual: Pasley + Musk

    Slightly: Sandalwood + Shaal Nur
    With virile strength: Vetiver + Patchouly
    With sensuality: Musk + Patchouly
    Full of power: Green Street + Patchouly
    Fresh virility: New Tradition + Pegasus

    Flower Burst: Vicolo Fiori + Dianthus
    Intense Tenacity: Ambra + Musk
    Mysterious Sensuality: Dianthus + Ambra
    Romantic power: Pasley + Vicolo Fiori

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Showing 1 - 15 of 52 items


If you want to increase your energy:

→ Lemon Sorbet or Pegasus: its freshness makes it more exciting and the revitalization of any other fragrance.

If you feel in love

→ and romantic: Vicolo Fiori + Heliotrope

→ and want to broaden the emotion: Etra Etro + Heliotrope

→ and you are worry free: Dianthus + Pegasus

If you want to stimulate sensuality:

→ with discretion: Patchouli + Heliotrope

→ with intensity: Ambra + Patchouli

→ with seduction: Etra Etro + Shaal-Nur

→ with passion: Ambra + Paisley

If you want to emphasize the masculine side

→ languidly: Sandalwood + Shaal-Nur

→ with viral force: Patchouli + New Tradition

→ with grace: Sansalo

The need for spirituality

→ to stimulate energy: Palais Jamais + Lemon Sorbet

→ to dive into a hidden: Palais Jamais + Patchouli

→ to feel safe: New Tradition + Pegasus

→ to feel vital: Musk

If you want to focus on the feminine side

→ Sophisticated and elegant: Paisley + Vicolo Fiori

→ intense and tenacious: Ambra + Musk

→ with the mysterious sensuality: Dianthus + Ambra


RED: is the color of fire and the pulse of blood in the veins. In love symbolizes passion, lust, ecstasy ... A person scented in red can not go unnoticed, represents a challenge, a thrown glove and the invitation to pick it up. They are red perfumes: Patchouli, Raving.


GREEN: it is the color of spontaneity and the balance between the freshness of the intellect. Green is rebirth, spring, awakening harmonious and not forced. A person scented in green is kind, polite, impartial and enthusiastic. A green perfume is Relent.


YELLOW: is the color that helps focus the objectives. It is invigorating, it is reason, it dissipates the excessive languor, calms blind and impulsive passions. We expect help, advice and support from a yellow scented person. They are yellow perfumes: Lemon Sorbet, Jacquard, Io my self, Pegaso and Resort.


WHITE: it is the color of the absolute and of the sure ideas, does not admit doubts. It is also the color of sensibility, innocence and fullness. A person scented in white is determined and naive, tender, preposterous and immovable. They are white perfumes: Musk, Marquetry, Vicolo Foiri and Heliotrope.


BLUE: it is the color of languor, of the docility of the senses, but also of fidelity and wisdom. A person scented in blue means unleashing tensions, abandoning arrogance and pursuing emotional balance. They are blue perfumes: Paisley, Greene Street, Ambra and New Tradition.


VIOLET: it is the color of intuition and the ability to understand the flight before others. We will only notice a scented violet person if she wishes, bewitched by her hypnotic abilities. Your soul knows when to exercise the power of seduction. They are violet perfumes: Palais Jamais, Rajasthan and Sandalwood.


ORANGE: it is the color of vitality and youth, of joy, of renewal and enthusiasm. We hope to make and conquer an orange scented person, a tonic sensuality of flirting and not melodrama. They are orange perfumes: Shaal-Nur, Etra Etro and Dianthus.