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RED: is the color of fire and the pulse of blood in the veins. In love symbolizes passion, lust, ecstasy ... A person scented in red can not go unnoticed, represents a challenge, a thrown glove and the invitation to pick it up. They are red perfumes: Patchouli, Raving.



GREEN: it is the color of spontaneity and the balance between the freshness of the intellect. Green is rebirth, spring, awakening harmonious and not forced. A person scented in green is kind, polite, impartial and enthusiastic. A green perfume is Relent.



YELLOW: is the color that helps focus the objectives. It is invigorating, it is reason, it dissipates the excessive languor, calms blind and impulsive passions. We expect help, advice and support from a yellow scented person. They are yellow perfumes: Lemon Sorbet, Jacquard, Io my self, Pegaso and Resort.



WHITE: it is the color of the absolute and of the sure ideas, does not admit doubts. It is also the color of sensibility, innocence and fullness. A person scented in white is determined and naive, tender, preposterous and immovable. They are white perfumes: Musk, Marquetry, Vicolo Foiri and Heliotrope.



BLUE: it is the color of languor, of the docility of the senses, but also of fidelity and wisdom. A person scented in blue means unleashing tensions, abandoning arrogance and pursuing emotional balance. They are blue perfumes: Paisley, Greene Street, Ambra and New Tradition.


VIOLET: it is the color of intuition and the ability to understand the flight before others. We will only notice a scented violet person if she wishes, bewitched by her hypnotic abilities. Your soul knows when to exercise the power of seduction. They are violet perfumes: Palais Jamais, Rajasthan and Sandalwood.



ORANGE: it is the color of vitality and youth, of joy, of renewal and enthusiasm. We hope to make and conquer an orange scented person, a tonic sensuality of flirting and not melodrama. They are orange perfumes: Shaal-Nur, Etra Etro and Dianthus.